OUCHKICK - Zach Puchowitz


About Ouchkick

Founded in 2010 by native Philadelphian Zach Puchowitz, Ouchkick Studio is a multi facet creative platform for Zach and his collaborators.  From everyday objects to one of a kind sculpture, they relish the freedom to go where ever the creative juice flows.        

From sketch book to glassware, lighting or toilet, Zach’s raw aesthetic, with humorous, self reflective drawings, scribbled thoughts are inspired by daily life, inner psyche struggles, low brow art, subculture and guys from the neighborhood.


About Zach

Zach Puchowitz is a Philadelphia based artist / glassmaker. He has been working in glass since 1998. Zach earned his Bachelor’s degree from Tyler School of Art. In 2007 he began transforming the space that would later become Ouchkick Studio. Since then he has been developing his unique style, pushing boundaries and gaining recognition in the glass and art community at large. Zach has exhibited his works with galleries in Philadelphia, NYC, LA, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, Amsterdam, Scope Art Fair Miami as well as many other unconventional events and marketplaces.